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Monterey International Club for Friendship (ICF) is a friendship organization sponsored by International Students, Inc. (ISI) promoting friendships between international students and Americans.  We share love and friendship with international students to help them adjust to and enjoy American life and receive a well-rounded picture of this country and its people.  Our weekly Friday night ICF meetings include dinner, fun and worthwhile activities and opportunity to learn about the Christian faith.   Participation in any part of the evening is optional.   Internationals of all nations, religions, racial and ethnic groups who are enrolled in Monterey colleges and graduate schools are welcome.


For more information contact:

Kert & Lillie Hultgren -- (831) 372-6832, E-mail: KertHult@aol.com
Dale & Carolyn Depalatis -- (831) 373-5946, 
E-mail: 76730.1353@compuserve.com
Protus Tanuhandaru (Webmaster) -- (858) 271-7420
E-mail: protust@hotmail.com
        Iwan S Tahari (Webmaster) -- 
        E-mail: love_e1@gurlmail.com



updated: September 14, 2001

ICF is sponsored by International Students,Inc.(ISI)

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